We do not deal with any enquiries relating to:

  • the alleged offence

  • any course offer

  • booking a course

  • altering a course date

  • attendance on a course

Please read on: 

If your enquiry is concerning your case,

We do not send out correspondence or deal with matters concerning your alleged offence. This dealt with by the police force issuing the notice of intended prosecution and you must contact the police force concerned as indicated in the paperwork sent to you as NDORS has no access to this information. 

You can also obtain the details for police forces from the following link: https://www.police.uk/forces/


If your enquiry is concerning your course booking,

This is dealt with by your chosen course provider and you must contact the course provider as indicated by them in any correspondence, website or email. NDORS has no access to this information.   You can also find contact details for course providers by viewing the home page of this website and searching for your provider under the paragraph 'what type of course are you looking for?'

Course availability can be seen at  https://offer.ndors.org.uk

Please do not use the below "contact us" for matters concerning your alleged offence, course offer,booking a course, altering a course date, or attendance on a course as you will not get a reply. You must follow the instructions above.

Enquiries made through this website are not automatically referred to or dealt with by the police force or course provider from whom you have received correspondence, nor does an enquiry with us through this website suspend any time limit which may be running as notified in that correspondence by the police force or course provider. You must not delay dealing with or responding to such correspondence as doing so could result in your course offer being withdrawn and your offence been placed into the criminal justice system before you receive a reply.

Just to reiterate, we will not respond to any enquiry that relates to your alleged offence, course offer, course booking or attendance on a course.

If you have an enquiry about the website or any information we have published, please carry on to contact us. However, we are only a small team and we provide the contact facility in anticipation that you have read the website and FAQ section and have not be able to find the information. If the answer to your question is on this website we are unlikely to respond, however if you submit a question and it doesn't relate to your case, course offer or course booking and the information is not on the website, we will be happy to assist. We endeavour to respond to relevant enquiries within 10 days. 

Thank you for visiting our website.