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Excellent presentation and very thought provoking

Mr R

I was so impressed with the organisation, content and presentation of the course I wanted to let you know. I was dreading the course mainly because I was feeling guilty having to do such a course in the first place. How wrong I was due to the two presenters (Bruce and Fiona) who put us all at ease.

How clever the course structure and material was to put a very positive message on what could have been a very negative message with the result that I felt lucky to be there – in fact privileged.

From start to finish I was being presented with information I didn’t know – it was quite worrying that I am driving on the roads not knowing some of this information. I am 62 years of age and keep up with world news and yet I don’t know speed limits, types of roads etc. in my own country.

The presenters Bruce and Fiona were very professional and knowledgeable.

This is a very valuable course which I feel should be compulsory if there were sufficient funding. It has affected my approach to driving and speed awareness in a very positive way.
Finally, thank you for having this in place and I feel very proud that such an excellent programme exists.

Cheryl Hadley

I attended this course listed below and would like to comment on the course facilitators. Quite simply these gentlemen were superb.

They led the course in a wonderfully relaxed yet professional manner and were of the highest standard throughout. The course ran very smoothly and in a timely fashion with excellent leadership and facilitation from them both. They handled any points of contention with aplomb and made what could have been an uncomfortable course a genuinely enjoyable and educational experience.

They created a relaxed and positive environment and covered very serious and significant topics brilliantly.

Whilst I appreciate that logistics would prevent it, I would be a strong advocate of suggesting that every driver attend such a course on a regular basis, every five years or so and within two years of passing.

Ben Laundon

After attending the Speed Awareness Course yesterday in Cheltenham I wanted to make contact to provide some valuable feedback.

I wasn’t looking forward to the event however was extremely impressed with the content, venue, organisation and most of all the trainers… I would love to see all new drivers taken through this course as the statistics and scenarios presented are powerful and very thought provoking.

(The trainers) were excellent and had the large group engaged throughout. Verbal feedback at the end suggested all attendees were impressed, so well done!

Keep up the good work!

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