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Are the trainer qualifications for specific courses only or is it one NDORS qualification that covers you for all courses? How are trainers assessed and how often?

When you qualify as an NDORS trainer, it is course specific. Following successful training from a licensed NDORS instructor, a trainer is issued with a provisional licence to deliver the course they have been trained for. The trainer will then be assessed at the earliest opportunity by our assessors. This assessment should take place no later than 6 months from the issue of the provisional licence. If the assessment is successful, the licence is then converted into a full licence to practice for 2 years from the date of the assessment. No earlier than 12 months and no later than 2 years, (there is flexibility to go beyond 2 years for extenuating circumstances) the trainer is normally reassessed and re-licensed for a further 2 years from the date of the assessment on a rolling programme. NDORS picks up the expense of the assessment so there is no cost to the licensee trainer.

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