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Do NDORS course providers have breastfeeding facilities for nursing mothers whilst attending?

Yes. NDORS has robust guidance on this subject which has been compiled by specialist equality lawyers. All Course Providers must provide breastfeeding facilities.  However it is important to acknowledge that the nursing mother will be one of up to 24 people participating in the class.  Therefore any arrangements must also take into consideration how to best accommodate a request for breastfeeding in the interests of everyone on the course. A private facility will be provided by request for breast feeding and in addition a support person (e.g. colleague or friend) may attend to look after the baby whilst the mother is in the classroom.  The support person will not be allowed into the training room. This should be arranged on a one-to-one basis prior to the course, so that arrangements can be put in place by the Provider.  We recognise that each case may be different. The Provider should ask beforehand whether or not the participant has any special needs and they will do everything to ensure a mother will have the opportunity to breastfeed their baby.  It is also important to point out that all the course content has to be covered by every offender to complete the course.   If a nursing mother absents herself from any part of the course for the purposes of breastfeeding without permission it could constitute a failure to complete the course and may lead to the offence being placed back into the criminal justice process.  

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