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Do the courses focus on the interests of specific “vulnerable” road users?

There are numerous road user groups whom we could specifically refer to on the courses, however it would be difficult to cover the spectrum of all these groups during the time we have available on the courses.

The courses focus on relevant offending behaviours. If for example we had a driver or rider referred to one of our courses for careless or inconsiderate driving, riding in the presence of horses on the highway, then he/she would be set activities relating to horses. Similarly if the reason they were referred to the NDORS course involved a cyclist, a pedestrian or a dog walker, activities would be set specific to the risk created. Furthermore, each and every person attending one of our courses should be reminded of their obligations under the various rules of the Highway Code and the specific laws covering their actions.

The only exception to the above is the course for motorcyclists, RIDE. This course was designed because of the disproportionate risk motorcyclists face in comparison to the rest of the motoring community.

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