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How does NDORS handle personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018?

The scheme has to strictly comply with the Data Protection Act 2018.

In deciding to offer a course, the police force will have checked through their local force data systems an offender’s (also known as the data subject) details to establish if they have completed a similar course within the last 3 years of the offence.

If the data subject decides to accept the course, their driving licence number will be placed on the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme database (known as DORS). This national database is an accredited secure database owned and operated by UKROEd Ltd, which is a company owned by the UK police services for the purposes of delivering the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme. The driving licence number will be shared with the offender’s chosen course provider for the purposes of processing the offer.

Their chosen course provider will ask for other personal details when booking the course and this information will be added to the national database via their local systems for the purpose of administering the course correspondence.

If the data subject goes on to complete the course, their details relating to the course will remain on the DORS system for use by a Police Force if they are considering making an offer of a course in the future, and for road safety research purposes for 6 years from the date of the offence, after which any personal reference to the offender will be erased.

In addition, if they have been involved in a collision the police force dealing with the collision may release their details to *

their insurer.
other parties to the collision.
the other parties insurers and or legal representative.
*This information will NOT be obtained from the DORS as police forces will use other systems for the purposes of meeting a lawful request for disclosure. For more information on this matter you need to contact the force concerned.

Other exemptions for disclosure of the data subject’s personal details under the Data Protection Act 2018 may apply.

NDORS Data is NOT shared with insurance companies and they have no access to it.


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