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How is it linked to NPCC (Formerly ACPO)

The scheme is operated on behalf of each and every police force wishing to divert offenders to NDORS courses. In 2007/8, a full business case was put before ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Cabinet and Council to seek full endorsement by ACPO of the regime and provide the consistency of use over the police forces in England, Wales & NI. ACPO agreed that it could support forces by offering a suite of national course and at the same time recover the police costs (cost recovery only) of administering the process from detection to course completion from the offender in a similar vein to other restorative justice initiatives. This was further endorsed by ACPO Chief Constables Cabinet and Council in January 2011. Education as a way of dealing with suitable offenders features in the ACPO 2011-2015 Policing the Roads Strategy, Satisfying Safety – Reducing Risk and is provided by this scheme. It seeks to fundamentally change the philosophy in how the discipline is delivered by focusing on harm reduction in the application of its strategic goals: safer roads, habitual compliance, public confidence/satisfaction and an educational alternative to prosecution. The public want to be offered education and not prosecuted and this is the method the police use to achieve this. In April 2015 ACPO became NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council).

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