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How long will you keep an individuals data for?

The DORS database will keep an individual’s data for six years, after which it will be sanitised. If an individual objects to the data being kept on the database they have no choice other than to refuse a course. The data is kept completely secure and has been subject to the highest level of security checks.

Six years was determined to be the optimum time for data to be held on a database as it will assist us in seeking long-term effectiveness of course attendance. The law that covers this process is the Data Protection Act 1998, and the six-year issue is made very clear in the fair processing notice that is contained within the offer letter sent to prospective course attendees. Basically a person cannot retrospectively requested that the details are taken off the database having agreed to allow them to be put on for the seven years in the first place, as this is a prerequisite of course acceptance.

All data is controlled by a data processing agreement and our data registration with the Information Commissioner covers all these activities.

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