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You should have been advised in the pre-course correspondence you will be required to take an eyesight test as part of the course registration process. You must bring your glasses or contact lenses if you need them.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your eyesight please have an eyesight test with a registered optician well BEFORE you attend the course.

You are expected to produce a photocard driving licence for inspection by the course trainers as part of the course registration process. If your licence contains code 01 it means you have to comply with a condition imposed by the DVLA on your licence by wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision when driving.

If you have code 01 on your licence and have had successful surgery to correct your vision you must contact the DVLA (click here to contact the DVLA) before to the course date to ask for the code to be removed.

If you cannot produce a photocard driving licence for inspection and you still have a paper licence, you will still need to produce photographic identification and you must take a copy or print out of your driving licence record by visiting  the DVLA portal- This will show your licence summary, driving status and any restriction code that may be on your licence. You can also generate a check code to share with your course provider at the point of registration for the course.


If you hold a Northern Ireland driving licence you must bring both parts of your licence for inspection. DVA also issue photocard licences. The counterpart and photocard will contain details of any codes imposed by the DVA. Northern Ireland does not currently have an on-line licence viewing facility.

The eyesight test test will take place outside in good daylight conditions, usually prior to you being admitted to the course. You will be required  to clearly read a clean number plate (manufactured after 2001)  on a parked motor car from an unobstructed distance of 20 meters. (

For further details regarding GB driving licence offence codes visit:

For Northern Ireland:

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