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I completed a Speed Awareness course approximately 3 years ago and a Motorway Awareness course Summer 2018. If I were to be caught speeding again on a public road does the Motorway Awareness course count as taking a course within the last 3 years and therefore I couldn’t have another Speed Awareness course?

You are never guaranteed a course irrespective of our scheme.

Courses are offered at the sole discretion of the Chief Officer.  The  guidance to police forces is if someone has completed a course they are barred from being offered another course of the same type for 3 years  from the date of the offence. Our guidance advises police forces that Motorway courses are separate from speed courses and it is possible that you could be offered Speed Awareness course if you were caught speeding (not on an active Smart Motorway)  having a completed a Motorway Awareness course within the previous 3 years.

Just to reiterate, if the chief officer feels that the offer of a course is inappropriate, you will proceed straight to the Criminal Justice System irrespective of our guidance as a Chief Officer has absolute autonomy concerning the enforcement process

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