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I have recently received a speeding notice and a separate red light traffic signal notice. Can I have a course for each?

Some course providers make provision to pay by installments before the course takes place, however this is a local matter and you should ask you preferred course provider for further details. Provided you have not had a Speed Awareness course within 3 years of the date of the offence, you may be offered a Speed Awareness. Additionally, if you have not had either a What’s Driving Us course, Driving 4 Change Course, RiDE, or National Driver Alertness Course, within 3 years of the current traffic signal offence, you may be offered a course in relation to the red traffic signal offence.

Please note the emphasis above is on “may”. It is at the sole discretion of the police force considering what method to dispose of the offence is appropriate.

Should you require further information you must contact the police force sending you the correspondence relating to these allegations.

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