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You need to provide a valid driving licence.  If your licence does not include photographic ID you will need to provide further photographic proof of your identity. You must clear this with your course provider before you attend so they will accept your form of ID if it is not a photocard driving licence.

The requirement is a photo-card licence with a photograph that is in date.  If you do not have a photo-card licence, the old style paper licence may be produced with another form of photographic identification.
There isn’t a definitive list.  Below are examples of what may be used

• A valid passport
• Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
• Valid photographic driving licence
• Valid armed forces identity card
• Valid police warrant card/badge
• Valid employees identity pass
• Citizen Card
• Valid Government-issued identity card
• SMART card
• Electoral identity card
• Photographic disabled badge
• NUS card photographic (National Union of Students)
• Photographic university/college ID card
• Company ID card of nationally recognised company (photographic)
• Council issued bus pass (senior citizens only)
• Pension book (the only acceptable form of non-photographic identification)
• Young Scot card

You do not have to sign a register nor give any other details as the course provider should have sufficient information once you prove your identity. You also have the right to choose a pseudonym if you do not want to be called by your registered name.

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