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I want to book a course, what do I need to do?

How to book a course should be fully explained in the correspondence sent to you by the Police.

However if you haven’t got that to hand follow these instructions:

1. Have your driving licence number ready (the driver number given to the police when responding to their correspondence- Please see below)

2. Go to and follow the on screen instructions. Once you have entered your driver number you will be able to see and choose a course from the many venues where they are running. Just keep following the on-screen instructions.

If you dont want to book on line please visit our Document Library and choose Course provider location and contact details. There you will find the latest locations (by police force), the force provider contact details and costs broken down by course type. Choose your police force area and contact that provider and they will give you the detailed latest course availability by local venues and take you through the booking process.


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