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If I take the course do I still have to pay the fine? and will the points still go on my licence?

If you choose to take the course, and attend and complete it, you will not need to pay the fine and penalty points will not be added to your licence for the offence you allegedly committed. Attendance on a NDORS course is not a conviction. However, your details will remain on our database, and should you be detected for committing a similar offence within 3 years of the original offence for which you were offered a course, you will not have the option to go on another course and then you will be offered the choice of electing to pay a fixed penalty fine, and have points on your licence, or appearing before a court. (Provided you have less than 9 points on your licence)

You cannot normally have a course if you have paid the penalty and surrendered your licence, as this takes precedence over the course offer.

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