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What is the breakdown of fees?

NDORS is funded on a local level by the offender paying for the cost of the course, set by the local police force in conjunction with their preferred course supplier. The course supplier keeps an amount to cover their costs. The police cost recovery is met by a charge being imposed on each and every offender completing the course (currently £48) This charge is collected by UKROEd . All but £3 from this fee is returned to the originating force by UKROEd which is to fund the cost recovery of providing central business support to NDORS, the scheme. Where applicable, VAT is charged at the standard rate, and this money goes to the Treasury.

The course fee is made up of either two or three component parts.

The course cost.

This is cost of providing the course to the offender by the course provider.

The central charge.

The money collected by from the course provider to cover the police administration costs and central support to the NDORS scheme.

Where applicable, VAT may be added to the overall cost. This depends on the VAT status of the course provider

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