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What methods of payment can I make for the course and when do I need to pay?

It is the Course Provider’s sole responsibility to collect course fees payable from course clients.

The Course Provider may provide a range of payment options for course clients, for example payment by credit and debit card and payment in instalments (and will usually require full payment prior to the date of the course).

The Course Provider shall also endeavour to be flexible regarding payment methods and shall, where reasonably practicable, accept payment by cash, postal order, PayPal, Pay Point, cheque and/or such other payment methods as may become available from time to time.  The Course Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide the course if the client has not paid the course fee in advance.

This should all be explained in the correspondence sent by the Course Provider or published on their website. You should direct any questions regarding payment methods to the Course Provider you have or intend to choose.

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