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Why are there no Speed Awareness, Driving for Change, National Motorway Awareness courses or Seat Belt courses in Scotland?

NDORS courses operate in most forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland under a corporate collaborative arrangement agreed by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC)  in those respective areas.
The whole collaborative arrangement has not yet been adopted in Scotland and therefore only the Safe and Considerate Driving Course and RIDE course are available in Scotland.  However this does not preclude anyone detected in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, from choosing to attend the course at a venue at any one of the centres operated in the rest of the UK.
The Association of Chief Police Officers (Scotland) (ACPOS) and the Procurator Fiscal service have been closely monitoring developments in England and Wales and Northern Ireland and have been considering the position in Scotland for some time. Until such time as the authorities in Scotland decide to adopt the whole NDORS scheme, or another comparative scheme, the situation will remain unchanged and we will continue to invite those detected from Scotland to take the course at a venue in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. The nearest venues to Scottish address are in Cumbria and Northumbria.

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