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Introducing the ‘Safe and Considerate Driving’ course

We take a closer look at how the new course was developed and why it should prove effective IT IS a UKROEd policy to undertake a major review of all NDORS courses every three years, and NDAC was due for such a review this year. This also created an opportunity to look at our whole […]

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Stopping distances video: part of new-look NSAC

MEMBERS OF the UKROEd Course Development Unit have been busy in recent months preparing a new programme for the National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC). Among a number of innovative assets to form part of the new course is a short video that focuses on stopping distances.    The video is the brainchild of Dr Fiona […]

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Great feedback from trainer conferences

The UKROEd team took to the road for a series of four trainer conferences in late May and early June, with some very positive feedback received at each venue: Sarah Di Salvo reports: Why we came The main reasons for attending the conference were: to be updated with changes this year to stay educated and […]

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Make sure you stay safe and legal when assisting an emergency vehicle

Emergency service drivers make ‘blue light’ journeys because someone needs their urgent help. We in turn can help them by giving them the room they need. In so doing, we may well be helping to save a life. This short video offers some useful tips on what we can do – and what we should […]

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Dr Fiona Fylan presents the new-look National Speed Awareness Course, and explains why it’s so important that clients enjoy being there   THE 2018 update to the National Speed Awareness Course is progressing well, thanks in no small part to some of the ideas and suggestions made by trainers, coaches and instructors.    A review […]

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