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Become a course provider

All NDORS course providers operate under a licence granted by our operating company UKROEd Ltd. Once a licence has been granted, it opens opportunities for the licencee to tender for contracts issued by Police Forces.

If you wish to apply for a provisional licence to become an NDORS course provider, please contact us.



Current course providers have formed an association known as The National Association of Driver Intervention Providers (NADIP).

The aim of NADIP is to achieve best practice and effectiveness in the setting up and running of driver intervention schemes for all categories of offences, as directed by National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS).

NADIP members work collaboratively with road safety agencies and road safety bodies in the interests of better road safety and the general public. They aim to develop and improve consistent standards of delivery and administration.

Full membership of NADIP is open to course providers delivering NDORS courses on behalf of a police force. Associate membership is open to organisations who are, or who are seeking to be involved in the provision of NDORS courses.

For further details of the association, please contact the Chairman. Mr Ian Powell.


If you wish to tender for a contract to supply NDORS courses to a Police force, you will need to hold an NDORS licence as a prerequisite to making a bid.

If you do not you currently deliver the NDORS service to a force, you will have to enter the process as a provisional licence holder. To become a provisional licence holder you will need to make an application. This will entail an assessment process which we charge you a non-refundable fee of £750 plus VAT to cover the costs of the initial assessment.

For more information on the tenders available, see the Bluelight Emergency Services e-Tendering site for upcoming projects.

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