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Trial reveals consumer confidence in autonomous vehicles

The results of one of the ‘world’s most advanced demonstrations’ of self-driving vehicles has found consumer confidence in autonomous driving technologies is high. The StreetWise project is being led by the UK self-driving technology firm, Five, alongside TRL.

The project’s commuter trial phase involved inviting members of the public to experience being driven autonomously on a busy 13-mile route in London.  This included shared tramways, a variety of roundabouts, cyclists, pedestrians, T-junctions, signalised pedestrian crossings and a wide variety of vulnerable road users.

Feedback reveals 96% of all participants rated their overall journey experience as positive to very positive, with 86% stating that their expectations had been exceeded.  The project team says factors that drove these results included the self-driving system’s ability to keep a safe distance, perceive and manoeuvre safely around obstacles and hazards, drive like a human and manage roundabouts.

This is in addition to the participants’ trust in the ‘diligence and professionalism of the safety driver in each vehicle’.

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